Our Values | Innovation, Caring, Potential & Responsibility

Our Values At Vets Now

Vets Now is a special company...made special by the people in it

We are lucky at Vets Now to have a team of highly talented, passionate and committed employees who go the extra mile every day (and night) they come to work. They are the people who always have and always will decide how our company develops.

That means what kind of place we want Vets Now to be and what path we want to follow.  At the same time, there are occasions when we all need direction and guidance to help us make those choices wisely.

The values in Vets Now, which were chosen by staff during a series of consultations, have been defined to provide everyone in the business with this guidance and to support their daily decision making.  By doing so we can continue to ensure Vets Now remains a truly special company and a great place to work.

They apply to us all, whether we have been working at Vets Now for 10 minutes or 10 years. They define what we should expect of our colleagues and what our colleagues will expect of us. 

So what are they?

•    Innovation – we should constantly ask ourselves ‘how can we make things better?’
•    Caring – we care about animals and we care about people
•    Releasing potential – we want to see people fulfilling their own potential
•    Responsibility – we expect people to take ownership of issues and seek to resolve them for the benefits of our clients, customers and colleagues

These four values are a fundamental part of our company and should influence and support everyone who chooses to work at Vets Now.

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