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Continuous Professional Development

Vets Now will support your development to fulfil your potential

At Vets Now we’re well aware how important CPD is. We understand that as vets and vet nurses it’s your responsibility to maintain and develop the knowledge and skills relevant to your professional practice and competence. But it’s just as important to stay at the forefront of an extremely fast-paced and constantly evolving field, so your CPD is invariably one of the most crucial aspects of your development.  

That’s why every vet and vet nurse who works for us not only receives a generous CPD allowance but also the support, coaching and mentoring to make the most of every training opportunity they are given. 

To give you the best start, we will support you through a comprehensive induction programme both within your clinic and online, to help build your confidence and resilience as you begin your new role. 

Our clinical development team has developed a unique programme of training and courses to continue your learning and development as you progress in your role.   We understand how tough it can be to hold down a demanding job and study at the same time, so our training is diverse and flexible, offering different options depending on your needs.  

You can study online at times and places that suit you, attend onsite training sessions with your district team, day seminars, and of course, our annual emergency and critical care (ECC) UK congress. 

We’ll also actively encourage you to pursue further relevant certification, and for vets Advanced Practitioner status. For all clinical staff (vets and vet nurse managers) we support and refund VECCS membership, to access online journals and receive discounted rates on IVECCS and EVECC congress. 

If you manage a team you will also receive leadership development training to help you make the most of your and your people’s talents and abilities.

Of course continuous professional development is not just limited to vets and vet nurses. If you’re part of the support staff, such as a receptionist, animal care assistant or administrator, there are plenty of opportunities available to encourage you to learn and develop your role in the clinic such as completing the Veterinary Practice Client Care Award, or Level 2 Diploma for veterinary care assistants.

If you’d like to find out more about our CPD opportunities, please contact our training team on 01383 627624 or for more information email

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