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Senior and District Veterinary Surgeons

Senior and District Veterinary Surgeons

Senior Vet jobs - for vets ready to take the next step

If you are ready for the next step in your career, a job as a senior vet is just for you. In this role you’ll be responsible for running one of Vets Now’s 55 emergency clinics.

In addition to expanding your clinical veterinary skills, this position will also provide you with an excellent opportunity to develop your management and leadership abilities by:

  • maximising the potential of your out-of-hours veterinary team, ensuring they continue to develop and build on their own emergency and critical care skills
  • cultivating the Vets Now reputation for raising emergency care standards
  • building strong relationships with local veterinary practices who trust their clients’ pets with your team out of hours
  • Within your clinic, you’ll be supported by a principal nurse manager who will have responsibility for managing it on a day-to-day basis. Reporting directly to the district vet, this position will provide you with the perfect opportunity to develop your leadership skills while continuing to focus on being the vet you trained to be.

District Vet jobs - combining clinical and commercial

The district vet role is a natural progression from senior vet, allowing you to increase your level of responsibility and build on your clinical and managerial expertise. This rewarding and varied job will see you increase your involvement in the clinical and operational development of the business by:

  • supporting up to eight clinic veterinary teams in delivering excellent clinical standards and client care
  • taking responsibility for the financial performance of your clinics

As a district vet a key element of your role will be clinical coaching and mentoring. To help you get the best out of your team you will receive ‘train the trainer’ sessions from one of our diplomates, whose objective is to provide you with the skills and confidence to deliver CPD both internally and externally.

This role is ideally suited to an ambitious and progressive veterinary surgeon who wants to step away from a full-time clinical role but remain actively involved in ECC. 

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

At Vets Now you’ll enjoy ongoing investment in your career development and the outstanding training we provide will help build your confidence and skills in emergency medicine and surgery. 

All of our vets receive a generous CPD allowance plus access to industry-leading training programmes developed by our clinical development team. Training at Vets Now brings you the most recent advancements in the rapidly moving, exciting field of emergency and critical care and allows you to put that clinical expertise into practice.  

Your CPD should suit your individual needs, whether you are just starting out or looking to develop your skills and gain further qualifications. You can study online at times and places that suit you or attend onsite training sessions, day seminars and our annual emergency and critical care congress.

At Vets Now we actively encourage our vets to gain ECC certification and Advanced Practitioner status, and you will receive specialist diplomate support when working towards this qualification. You will also contribute to our clinical governance and evidence based veterinary medicine websites where all clinical staff support each other and share ideas and best practice.

And if you move into a management role you will receive leadership development training to help you make the most of your people’s talents and abilities.

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Senior and District Veterinary Surgeons

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Senior Nurse Manager

The one major positive is it’s never, ever boring in Farnham. If you’re looking for a challenging clinical role alongside people who have a real desire to do a great job and want to make a difference you’ll fit in well. The most important attribute is having a positive attitude. Kath Howie, Senior Nurse Manager, Farnham

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