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Principal, District and Head Veterinary Nurses

Principal, District and Head Veterinary Nurses

Principal vet nurse manager jobs

If you’re keen to take your veterinary nursing career to the next level, then a principal nurse manager position is for you. Similar to the traditional head nurse role, the principal nurse manager is tasked with supporting, leading and managing veterinary nurses and clinical support staff, while still remaining very much hands-on clinically.

Within this role you’ll not only be working in the stimulating and exciting environment of out-of-hours emergency and critical care, and putting all your clinical training into practice, you’ll also be responsible for the overall management of the clinic and for driving improvements in nursing and operational standards. 

District veterinary nurse manager jobs

The district nurse manager role is a key position within Vets Now and will be ideally suited to you if you’re talented and ambitious, already at a senior level, and keen to increase your responsibility and management expertise by leading several veterinary clinics. 

This role provides an excellent opportunity to focus your career on the commercial and operational sides of running a district, while continuing to use your skills as an ECC veterinary nurse. 

One of your main responsibilities will be to lead and inspire the senior nurse managers within your district. You will also be expected to support their personal development while helping them drive through improvements in nursing standards and operational efficiencies in their individual clinics. This position is home-based and mainly daytime orientated.

Head veterinary nurse (hospitals) jobs

Vets Now has three 24/7 emergency and specialty hospitals in Glasgow, Swindon and Manchester. As well as having all the state-of-the-art equipment and technology you would expect of a first-class veterinary hospital, each one has a team of staff with extensive expertise in disciplines including surgery, internal medicine, oncology, ophthalmology and emergency and critical care.

Because our business is growing, we are always looking for enthusiastic and highly motivated people to join those teams. The head veterinary nurse is tasked with supporting the vet surgeons in our hospitals in the delivery of high quality clinical and client care.

In this hands-on role, one of your main responsibilities will be working with the hospital management to deliver a gold standard service to pets, clients, and veterinary practices. In addition, you will also be responsible for managing the day-to-day running of the clinical floor which includes supporting specialists, interns and residents across multiple disciplines, managing budgets and audits and leading and inspiring a large team of vet nurses and animal care assistants. 

You will also be responsible for improving and maintaining clinical standards.

In return, you’ll get to work in a fast-paced, emergency environment that brings different challenges every day (and night) alongside colleagues who are committed to giving people and their pets the care and support they deserve, at the time they need it most.

Continuous professional development (CPD)

At Vets Now we believe strongly in supporting your career development.  Veterinary nurses are a respected part of our team of clinical professionals and our principal nurses help shape the company’s clinical strategy.  So we have lots of exciting opportunities, whether you are just starting your career in ECC, or continuing it.

Every nurse will receive a generous CPD allowance plus access to unique training programmes developed by our clinical development team. 

Helping to develop your confidence, knowledge and skills in emergency and critical care, there are various opportunities available so you can tailor your learning to your needs. You can study online at times and places that suit you, attend onsite training sessions, day seminars and our annual emergency and critical care UK congress.

We also actively encourage our nurses to complete the Cert VN ECC which has been developed by Vets Now and is a professionally recognised Level 4 qualification accredited by City & Guilds. 

On top of this you’ll contribute to our online clinical governance and evidence based veterinary forums where all clinical staff support each other and share ideas and best practice. 

If you move into a management role you will also receive leadership development training to help you make the most of your people’s talents and abilities.

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Principal, District and Head Veterinary Nurses

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The one major positive is it’s never, ever boring in Farnham. If you’re looking for a challenging clinical role alongside people who have a real desire to do a great job and want to make a difference you’ll fit in well. The most important attribute is having a positive attitude. Kath Howie, Senior Nurse Manager, Farnham

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