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Being a Vets Now veterinary surgeon is hugely rewarding. Working within an out-of-hours emergency clinic you’ll only treat emergency and critical care cases.

In this role, you’ll put into practice all of your veterinary skills and have the opportunity to make a real and lasting difference to the pets you treat.  You'll quickly discover that no two shifts are ever the same, and your job will involve triage, emergency and lifesaving treatment as well as management of hospitalised cases. To help you through you’ll be supported by a registered veterinary nurse and a dedicated support team. 

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No ECC experience? Don’t worry. We have the permanent job openings for you.

If you’re a vet with the ambition to work in ECC but feel you don't yet have the experience or confidence to take sole charge, don’t despair. As long as you have at least six months’ full-time clinical experience in a small animal veterinary practice, we will prepare you for a long and successful career in ECC by putting you through a 10-week residential induction which combines lectures and interactive seminars with practical training. This is a permanent, paid position from the start.

To find out more about our Cutting Edge induction download the prospectus or apply online.

Feel you’d benefit from extra support before taking sole charge? We can set you on your way.

We also provide a route into a successful career in ECC for vets who possess a solid level of knowledge and experience but feel they’d benefit from extra training and support before taking sole charge in an emergency setting.

Over 12 weeks, our innovative programme combines live and recorded webinars, e-learning modules, residential weekends and mentored work in our clinics. You can study in your own time at home and on completion of the course we’ll have a permanent, full-time or part-time job waiting for you.

To find out more about our Refresh your Edge programme download the prospectus or apply online.

Veterinary Surgeons

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Our recruitment team are ready and waiting to help with any of your enquries.

Our recruitment team are ready and waiting to help with any of your enquries.

Call now on: 01383 841181


Cutting Edge January 2017 

We are now taking candidates for our Cutting Edge programmes in January 2017. If you would like to discuss further, please call our recruitment team or apply online

Yvonne Hannah
Tel: 01383 841141
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Cutting Edge Prospectus

Refresh Your Edge March 2017 

We are now taking candidates for our Refresh Your Edge in March 2017.  If you would like to discuss Refresh Your Edge further, please call our recruitment team or apply online

Anne Longmire
Tel: 01383 841141
Refresh Your Edge - apply online
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Started doing locum shifts and is now working as a district vet

Richard White, District Vet

I started doing some locum shifts for Vets Now and then I applied for the role of senior vet surgeon in the Middlesbrough clinic. It was great that from day one I could make my own decisions and manage my own team. For the past six years I’ve been working as a district vet, with even more responsibility for the clinics in my area but still maintaining a good degree of hands-on clinical work.

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