What to expect at a Vets Now job interview

The STARR Model

Our interviews are a bit different to the ones in other veterinary practices, as they’re tailored to emergency and critical care jobs. Don’t panic though – they’re designed to let you show us how well you’ll fit the job. We want to find out about your clinical skills, your values, what motivates you, what kind of team member you’ll be, and so on.

You’re normally asked a least one question per ‘skill’ area, often phrased like this:

“Tell me about a time when your problem-solving skills were particularly important. What did you have to do and what was the outcome?”

The most difficult part is thinking of an appropriate situation, so preparation is the key. A good way to prepare is by using the STARR model below. Use this to think about which experience you want to tell us about, and to structure your answer to give us the relevant information.

The STARR model

S/T – Think about a situation you were in, or a task you had to complete.

A – What was the action you had to undertake to complete the task or resolve the situation?

R – What was the result of the action you took – the overall outcome of the situation?

R – Reflect – what, if anything, would you do differently next time and what did you learn?

Don’t forget to emphasise what you did...try to tell the interviewer about your specific contribution, not just ‘we did this, we did that’. It’s all about you.

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