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What better way to learn about working for Vets Now than to hear it first hand from our own employees who have all experienced different career journeys with us.

Vet surgeon

Working at Vets Now Farnham

Senior Nurse Manager


The one major positive is it’s never, ever boring in Farnham. If you’re looking for a challenging clinical role alongside people who have a real desire to do a great job and want to make a difference you’ll fit in well. The most important attribute is having a positive attitude. Kath Howie, Senior Nurse Manager, Farnham

Started doing locum shifts and is now working as a district vet

Richard White, District Vet


I started doing some locum shifts for Vets Now and then I applied for the role of senior vet surgeon in the Middlesbrough clinic. It was great that from day one I could make my own decisions and manage my own team. For the past six years I’ve been working as a district vet, with even more responsibility for the clinics in my area but still maintaining a good degree of hands-on clinical work.

Refresh Your Edge

Regained her confidence and refreshed her skills on our Refresh Your Edge programme

Jessica Lloyd, Veterinary Surgeon

After being on maternity leave I knew I didn't want to go back to general practice. I was nervous about applying to work at Vets Now as I felt I’d forgotten a lot about emergency medicine so I applied for a place on the Refresh Your Edge programme. The webinars and online learning were easy to fit around my young son and by the time I’d worked my first shift it felt like I'd never been away.

Cutting Edge

Graduated from our Cutting Edge programme and is now working as a district vet

Liron Levy-Hirsh, District Vet

I was privileged to be invited to take part in the Cutting Edge graduate training programme. This 10-week course in all aspects of small animal emergency and critical care gave me the tools to deal with emergency cases, work out of hours as a sole charged vet and develop my clinical skills as an ECC vet. Within two years, I was promoted to district vet.

Nursing Edge

Graduated from the Nursing Edge programme to become a vet nurse

Calum Marshall, Vet Nurse

On the Nursing Edge course I got first class training at the support office and during my mentored shifts. All the clinical and admin knowledge I picked up meant I felt confident when it was just me and a vet working in the clinic

Extra Mural Studies (EMS)

Laura, EMS Student Placement At Vets Now Coventry



My placement at Vets Now was one of my favourites; I saw such a variety of cases that you wouldn't always see on a standard placement and get so much hands on experience! Also working in a small team was great; everyone was so friendly and you feel like one of the team immediately! The vets and nurses were always willing to teach - would really recommend a placement here!

Meghann, Student Placement. Vets Now Farnham



I had an incredible experience and learned an unbelievable amount! I am very grateful for the experience and feel that I am much more prepared for my clinical year than I would have been without my time with Vets Now.

Kirstie, EMS Student Placement At Vets Now Farnham



Everyone was very helpful and lovely, I had a nice time and felt I was allowed to get involved in anything that I felt comfortable with which made me feel more confident.

Vet nursing

Began her career journey as a referral nurse and is now a customer manager

Cheryl Cockburn, Customer Manager for Scotland and Northern Ireland

I started working for Vets Now in 2009 when our first referral hospital opened in Glasgow. I was initially employed as senior referral nurse and within six months was appointed head nurse for the hospital. I’m now a customer manager, having decided I was ready for a fresh challenge in a non-clinical role.

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