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Nursing Edge: Be the vet nurse you trained to be

Nursing Edge 

Be the vet nurse you trained to be

Whether you’re recently qualified and interested in the specialism of emergency and critical care or keen to enhance your ECC skills our Nursing Edge programme is designed to equip you with the skills and experience you need to take on a career in emergency practice. Our Vets Now nurses are central to our clinical teams in delivering emergency care and that’s why taking on a career in ECC with Vets Now will allow you to deliver the exceptional clinical care you wouldn’t have the autonomy to deliver anywhere else.

A comprehensive 8-week induction programme Nursing Edge combines lectures, practical skills training and mentoring work within our clinics specifically designed to prepare you to take on a central role within our clinical team. ​

Join our upcoming webinar on Thursday 21st June at 8pm – Vets Now Edge Presents : The Reality of Working OHH in ECC