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Have You Got The Edge? Your Route Into Emergency & Critical Care

Vets Now Edge Programme

Vet surgeon & nurse jobs in emergency and critical care 

Vets Now are at the forefront of emergency and critical care in the UK and now you can be too. No matter what stage you are at in your career, we have a supportive route into emergency practice tailored to you. Whether you are taking the first steps in your career or simply want to take on a new challenge, we can give you the edge.

We are dedicated to the provision of clinical excellence in emergency and critical care (ECC) and that’s why we invest in the development of our people, our edge programmes are our commitment to that vision from the very start. Specifically tailored to your career journey our Edge programmes will equip you with the skills and experience you need to succeed in emergency practice.

If you are ready to explore a career in ECC, find out below how Edge can work for you.

Join our upcoming webinar on Thursday 21st June at 8pm – Vets Now Edge Presents : The Reality of Working OHH in ECC

Cutting Edge

Vets Now vet and vet nurse treating a dog in Cutting Edge

Are you a veterinary professional looking to take your first step into emergency & critical care?

We can give you the skills & experience you need with Cutting Edge.

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Refresh Your Edge

Vets Now vet and vet nurse treating a cat in Refresh Your Edge

Are you an experienced vet looking to build on your ECC skills?

We can support you to make the transition into emergency practice with Refresh Your Edge.

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Do you want to develop a career in ECC but you’re not 100% sure if you’re ready to make the move?

We can help give you an AdvantEdge and support you to fast-track your career.

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Nursing Edge

Vets Now nurse working in Nursing Edge

Are you a recently qualified vet nurse keen to develop your career in emergency practice?

Be the vet nurse you trained to be with Nursing Edge.

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