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The ECC Harrogate conference competition: our student vet winners

What happened at our ECC Harrogate conference for our vet student winners?
The competition was run by Dr Aoife O’Sullivan and Malishia Connolly. After a large number of entries Aoife and Malishia decided on 3 winners. We would like to say a big congratulations to Bethany Deadman from Bristol university, Esme Howells from Liverpool University and Hannah Leech from RVC University for presenting an emergency case at the UK’s largest ECC conference at Harrogate on November 10th. All three vet students were rewarded with accommodation, a free CPD pass for the whole day and invite to our evening dinner. 

Bethany presented a case on Splenic Torison which she assisted with at Bristol Vets Now, Esme presented a Foreign Body case which she assisted with in Sheffield Vets Now and Hannah presented a Lethargic Puppy case which she assisted with in Sheffield Vets Now. All 3 vet students were awarded fantastic prizes sponsored by Woodley Equipment as well as some Vets Now goodies and a superhero book.  These cases were assessed on presenting skills, presentation layout, clinical content and learning outcomes. We had 3 judges on the panel: 


Sophie qualified from Liverpool in 1999. She completed a one year internship in anaesthesia at Bristol and a one year rotating small animal internship at the Animal Health Trust before spending a short time in small animal practice in London and North Wales. Sophie received the certificate in veterinary anaesthesia in 2001 and was awarded the Boehringer-Ingelheim prize for the highest mark obtained. Sophie completed a residency in Emergency and Critical Care medicine at the Royal Veterinary College in September 2005 d was awarded the American Diploma in Emergency and Critical Care in October 2005. Since 2014 she has also been a Diplomate of the European College of Emergency and Critical Care. Sophie is the lead clinician for the ICU at Langford Veterinary Services at the University of Bristol. 


Dr Rebecca Pope, MA VetMB MRCVS GPcert(SAM)

Rebecca graduated from the University of Cambridge in 2004. She spent 7 years working in small animal practice (with a little bit of equine thrown in).  Rebecca started working for Vets Now in 2011. Became Senior Veterinary Surgeon at the Reading Clinic in 2012.  In 2015 Rebecca became the District Vet for D7. Working as district vet Rebecca is responsible for 5 clinics on the South coast.  Rebecca is not stopping there though, she is currently studying towards her PGCertSAECC with the BSAVA. 

Malishia Connolly, EMS and Edge Coordinator for Vets Now. 
Malishia arranges all vet student EMS placements, student electives and be an ECC vet for a day. Malishia coordinates the Vets Now Cutting Edge and Refresh your Edge programmes. Malishia also attends university student events.  


What did the winners have to say?

"Being a new graduate; doing EMS at Vets Now was the best decision I made in terms of providing me with the confidence and competence to stabilise patients during OOH and deal with emergency cases. Presenting my case at Congress was the icing on the cake - I had a fantastic day, learned loads, and couldn't recommend doing this more. Thanks for everything, I had such a great couple of days and the prizes were fantastic." - Esme


 "Getting to present at an international conference was an amazing opportunity that I am grateful to have had the chance to do so early in my career. Attending the rest of the conference was really interesting, and very useful for my upcoming finals. The evening social was great fun too!" - Hannah


"Attending Vets Now ECC Congress was one of the highlights of my vet degree and has inspired me to consider ECC as a career option post-graduation. Everyone was very friendly, the lectures were great, and the experience of presenting has given me a great confidence boost. For me it was 100% worth the time and effort involved in preparing a presentation and I urge anyone who's been on EMS with Vets Now to consider entering next year's competition." - Bethany

Think you could be a winner next year? Watch this space for information about how to apply.


Dr Aoife O’Sullivan MVB Cert AVP (ECC) MRCVS. 
Aoife O’Sullivan is the person that helps make fantastic opportunities for you happen, such as running Vets Now Cutting Edge and Refresh Your Edge programmes. She graduated from University College Dublin in 2001. Initially she spent a few years in equine, mixed practice and then small animal practice. She was introduced to the world of small animal emergency medicine in 2006 and has worked in emergency practice for 8 years. She joined Vets Now i
n 2009 and became Senior Veterinary Surgeon of the Birmingham clinic in 2010 and progressed to a District Vet role in 2011 until 2013. Aoife currently holds the position of Head of Edge Programmes, with responsibility for Vets Now’s Cutting Edge and Refresh Your Edge courses. Aoife completed her Cert AVP (ECC) with the RVC/RCVS in 2013 and is an RCVS Advanced Veterinary Practitioner in Emergency and Critical Care.

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