Diary of a Cutting Edger: Emma and her colleagues prepare for their mentored shifts

Diary of a Cutting Edger: Emma and her colleagues prepare for their mentored shifts

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Six vets with a passion for emergency and critical care have just embarked on Vets Now’s pioneering Cutting Edge programme. In the third in a series of blogs about her experiences on the 10-week induction, Emma Passmore tells us how life as a Cutting Edge vet is progressing.

It’s week three — and that means we’re almost ready to go out into the night and weekend world of Vets Now for our mentored shifts. My sense is that everyone in the group is nervous about the prospect, but also excited and full of anticipation about what we will encounter.

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Image of Emma Passmore Vets Now Cutting Edge vet

The agenda this week was all about reviewing and re-associating ourselves with the essentials in emergency and critical care medicine. At the beginning of the week we went over acid-base.

At the end we covered the dystocia patient and the best diagnostic progression to take to enable the best outcome for mother and baby.

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In between times we also spent a day learning about the Vets Now computer system. This might not sound too exciting but it really was essential training and I’m grateful that my first few nights in the clinic won’t be spent accustoming myself to a system I’ve never used before. This is something I have found often slows you down — and adds to the stress levels — at the start of a new veterinary job.

The first three weeks have passed by very quickly, and I am sure it will be the same during our mentored shifts. But the practical training we have been given has been of the highest standard and it’s really stood us in great stead.

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I have learned something every day and I’m looking forward to putting it into practice when presented with a critical patient. On top of that everyone we’ve met so far has been so encouraging and reassuring, which has helped a great deal.

Here's to the next four weeks of mentoring and night shifts. It will also be nice to get home for a spell to spend some time with our family and friends.

I know they’re keen to catch up with our journey so far.

The next intake for Cutting Edge is August and places are filling up fast. Anyone interested in applying should call the Vets Now recruitment team now on 01383 841181 or click here.



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